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My Firefly and Soundbridge PHP libraries and hacks

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    Some are interested in what I’ve been up to with my install of Firefly and the Soundbridge that I got last weekend.

    I’ve just put together a little data/control abstraction layer for Roku Control Protocol devices and one for direct access to the Firefly sqlite DB (still in development) which lets me do a couple of useful things easily to start with:

    – Capture the entire ad-hoc playlist on your Soundbridge and insert it into Firefly as a static playlist for recall later in the “Playlists” menu
    – Arbitrarily query FF and create playlists easily
    – Wake up the SB via a script and play a preset

    The above which lets me have one cron job which designs an early morning playlist and another which switches on my SB in the morning and plays that playlist.

    Scripts are currently here:

    The other thing I was doing way before I got my SB was using the excellent index of my music collection that FF keeps to automatically pull music from my server into my car. I basically have a bit of SQL which finds the most recent albums and I have some scripts in the laptop fitted in the boot of my car (parked on the road outside) which wakes up, gets the list of albums and then pulls them (and a load of podcasts) over wifi and assigns them playlists so that they appear as CDs on the autochanger interface on the head unit on the dashboard. It also writes a log of this to Twitter while it’s doing it so I can see in my own feed what music is ready for me when I get in the car next.

    The scripts which do this aren’t the most up-to-date currently but the project page for this is at

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