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    I’m new to FireFly and plan to use it to allow my mac, via iTunes, to access my music library, which is (and will continue to be) read using Winamp on another machine in another room (XP). Currently, I use Cog and NicePlayer on the mac to achieve this, as my library is composed by various file formats iTunes doesn’t how to handle. I downloaded and installed the latest available nightly build of FireFly (1696, dated October 2007), as well as Bonjour 1.0.4, (ffdshow 20080320 was already installed) on my XP machine.

    I’ve started doing tests, selecting some ogg, wma, mp3, flac and mpc files to copy to a directory I created for FireFly. In iTunes, my FireFly shared library is found, tags are correctly read and music well played for every file but mpc. No tags are read from these, they are listed by their file name and each have a wrong 10:00 length, and no music comes from these entries. Looking in the songs.db3 file, I can see that tags don’t seem to be read for mpc. In the log file and in iTunes informations, it’s obvious FireFly sends these as audio/mpc, while flac are correctly transcoded to audio/wav. I’ve tried various options in mt-daapd.conf: of course .mpc added to the extension list; mpc added to ssc_codectypes (as documented); ssc_ffmpeg added in the plugin section (however it was listed in the web inteface); … But this gives me no result.

    So here are my questions:
    – Is mpc supported in one of the currently available FireFly builds (if yes how do I activate it 🙂 ) ?
    – How to make a script to handle this transcoding in XP (I suppose this would not read the tags)? I’ve found a thread about this but it was talking about *nix and some *nix specific files (.sh)
    – Will mpc be supported and at what level (music only or tag+music)?
    – I’ve seen a thread about a patch to ssc-ffmpeg.c to allow this handling, but it doesn’t seem to be in the trunk in sourceforge (format list doesn’t contains the same list as in the patch), is there a way to get this patched/compiled ssc-ffmpeg.dll?

    This support would be greatly appreciated, as .mpc files compose +/- 1/4 of my library. Beside this problem, I’m very pleased by FireFly and would like to compliment the developers for this wonderful piece of software 🙂



    Seven months later…

    The Win32 build isn’t nearly as robust as the *nix build (as usual).

    The *nix build uses as an easily modifiable shell script to launch command-line tools to do file converting. The Win32 build sacrifices configurability for compatibility — all the transcoding is pre-compiled, which means you’ll have to set-up a build environment, add mpc support to the transcoding script, and compile it.

    And at that point, it’d be faster to resize your partition, install your favorite distro, and configure to include mpc support.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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