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mt-daap not working when I’m using wifi

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    I’m on gentoo I use mt-daapd
    If I’m connected to the Lan with ethernet I have no trouble firefly works fine the serveur appear on my iTunes but when I’m using wifi it’s not.

    My wifi board works great I use the ralink driver rt61 mt-daapd seems to still use eth0 even when I’m using ra0
    my mt-daapd.log shows this error:
    *** WARNING: Received 5 packets; Accepted 0 packets; Rejected 5 packets because of interface mismatch

    I try to reinstall mt-daapd and the mDNSresponder package but it doesn’t change anything.

    Is there any way to configure mt-daapd to use /dev/ra0?
    or do you now a trick maybe define eth0 to point on ra0 in this case mt-daapd still use eth0 but will be redirect on the good interface.

    Thanks in advance for your answer.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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