Moving music to the Ipod and playlist help

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    Sorry – newB here please be gentle 🙂

    I have an Ubuntu server v8.1
    My family can see the firefly share in iTunes (all running v8) and all the music on the share (about 2300 songs so far)
    Last night my daughter created a number of playlists on her itunes laptop
    Now all of her playlists show up under the Firefly share in Itunes (and on the list of playlists in Firefly’s web interface)
    However, all of the playlists are empty

    Today, I tried to create a playlist on my laptop and add music from the server but was unable to. Since I can’t create playlists, I can’t put the music on my ipod.

    Help always appreciated


    I don’t know why, but now all of the playlists my daughter made are gone from Firefly.


    This is just typical to ITunes.
    YOu can’t add remote music to your playlists.
    Only way to do is to add the shared music to your library directly, e.g. via Samba or NFS shares.


    If you replace iTunes with the Java Firefly client you will be able to create playlists on the server.

    As DeadPoet has pointed out, the behaviour your seeing is cause by iTunes.


    You can try to use this software. 😀 i think it must be helpful to you. iPod Playlist Copy is able to copy your songs, videos, playlists, photos to computer with good quality.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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