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more 20051101 problems …

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    after a while, the web-admin interface (the status page) loses contact with the back-end …
    I was playing music for over 3 hours, when I looked at the status page, it told me it was not streaming music …



    Three hours? That’s making it difficult to reproduce 😉

    Well, for one thing, the status page will get an overhaul anyway… but: are you sure that’s not a browser thing? Did the page actually continue to reload every 10 seconds, or did it maybe just stop earlier?



    Yes, I am sure. The page continues to reload fine, the clock is updating …

    But, the connected client which is listening to a stream is not always displayed … After a while it disappears.

    I know this is difficult to reproduce, especially since not many people use OSX 10.4.3 Server edition on an xServe dual G4 @ 1.33 GHz …

    If I detect some in the debug logging I’ll let you know …

    BTW, isn’t it a good Idea to open a forum dedicated to (beta)testing and building ?




    does it still *work*?

    Or does all of mt-daapd stop working?



    Ron, it does not stop streaming or advertising to iTunes …



    You were also reporting the hangs, right? Were you in the web interface at that time?

    Maybe the deadlock is in the web side, not the db side.

    Interesting. You also said you were running a dual-cpu box, right? If it’s a deadlock problem, that might make it show up quicker.

    I have a g4 dual — I’ll set that up as a test box and pound it over the weekend and see if I can see where it’s coming from.

    — Ron



    indeed, the xServe is a dual G4 @1.33GHz …

    It is streaming for over 5 hours to my stereo right now.
    The only problem today is the web interface not telling wich song it is streaming …

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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