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missing files (redux): error statting

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    Im haing a similar problem as what’s goin on in this post:

    Basically, everying was good, I upgraded to 0.2.4 on gentoo to get compatability after an iTunes upgrade and then noticed many files in my library are missing. After putting the “-d9” option in my startup script I see this in the log intermixed with the file scan:

    2006-05-06 10:49:02: Error statting: Permission denied

    From reading that other thread it seems that it may be because the files are on different physical disks? I am using LVM for my music so it may or not be spread across different disks. Eiter way, the inodes should be fine as long as you don’t cross filesystems, which I’m not.

    Any idea what I can do next?


    not sure if that text came out in the code tags ok… here’s what the log file said:

    2006-05-06 10:49:02: Error statting: Permission denied


    You should be okay with the inode thing.

    But fundamentally, the “error statting” is a permissions problem like it says. Check that the “runas” user has read permissions to that file.


    OK thanks… everything looked ok on the missing directories but running sudo chmod 755 -R /mp3 fixed it. Just wanted to report back in case anyone else has a similar problem. Thanks for the help.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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