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[MACOSX] config/startup questions

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    I just installed the svn-1586 nightly (.dmg) and had music streaming working in literally minutes – pretty awesome.

    Now, I checked into the configuration and there are a few things I need help with:

    1) On the web control panel it says:

    The options below are in your mt-daapd.conf and Firefly uses them,
    but this web page can’t handle them until they are added to config.xml

    I can neither find mt-daapd.conf or config.xml, any pointers?

    2) Is there an official plugin repository?

    3) I searched the forum and I couldn’t figure out — does Firefly support video streaming, or does it not? Whatever is mentioned on some threads was confusing to me.



    I can neither find mt-daapd.conf or config.xml, any pointers?

    mt-daapd.conf is renamed firefly.conf and is at /yourusername/Library/ApplicationSupport/Firefly

    I may be wrong but I think that blurb about the config.xml is a red-herring – that may be a leftover from a previous SVN. At any rate, I show that warning on both my instances of firefly (one for the G5, one for my NSLU2) but AFAIK it does not adversely affect control/operation of Firefly.



    Sweet, thanks.

    Last night I realized that my nightly is from 2007 and I haven’t been able to figure out if anyone is still working on Firefly?

    I think video streaming is not supported with the Mac version (so says the config file).



    well, 1586 is good & stable, if a little old now. But hey, don’t fix what ain’t broke and all that… 😉
    The developer of Firefly Ron Pedde has taken a fairly lengthy leave of absence from these forums( life & all that… ❓ ) and SVN1696 is the last nightly to be released, and that was October 07. That’s not say it hasn’t been worked on further: but you’d have to compile for yourself. Cheers, andy

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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