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M4V playback issue

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    I have 0.2.4 setup on my NSLU2 as well as my OS X 10.4 platform. I added .m4v to extensions and now the videos appear in the iTunes window, althought it says “continuous …” instead of displaying the duration and doesn’t have the little “TV” video icon beside it. When I click the video it starts playing in the lower left cover art box and I can’t double click on it to expand its size ! 🙁

    Please help me !



    You’ll probably want to run nightlies to get that working the way you want it to. That supports all the metatags that iTunes expects to see. Works with frontrow, too, where 0.2.4 doesn’t.

    — Ron




    Francois and I are from the same project. I was able (see previous post) to build 2.4 for OpenSLUG… but it does look like we will need to go for the nightlies.

    Sniff.. 2.4 was working well enought (except for videos).



    Argh! Figures.

    The other thing you’ll need is either sqlite 2.x or sqlite 3.x. That should be the only added dependancy, though. I’m working on getting a gdbm backend back in, too, but that might be a bit.

    — Ron



    Yep, should be able to recompile. As soon as i understand how to send a “–with-sqlite” through a bb file.

    I’ll then have .ipk of 0.2.6 for openslug. Last nightlies build.



    ipk for OpenSlug 2.7-Beta to correct the video playback issue that was present with mt-daapd-2.4.


    Same disclaimer.



    Will you be following nightlies? If so, I can either link to those, or host them myself if you want.

    Otherwise, I’ll probably just put a link on the nightlies page. What is that, svn-909?



    I will be following the nightly build series and compiling them for the OpenSLUG os for NSLU.

    The package i’ve posted is for the 909 build.

    I will rename and organize my server so that it is easier for you to link to them. Should be done by the weekend.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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