Loss of mDNS after one connect

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    I’ve firefly svn1586 running on an OpenSolaris server. It used to run well, but recently (I tried tracking what change I’ve made, none seem relevant) it disappears from iTunes after one use.

    That is, if I restart the server, it appears in iTunes, then I close and restart iTunes, and the server disappears. Same happens if I restart the server, then start iTunes (it appears), then restart iTunes (disappears).

    No special error messages I could find.

    Anyone knows what could be wrong?

    Also (thinking about hooks more than fishes), how does firefly register itself with mDNS? I think it’s not just by dynamicaly linking at build time with libavahi, since I don’t recall installing avahi at all (I did enable Solaris’ oun multicast-dns service). Can I debug the firefly/mDNS layer? How can I do a ‘zone transfer’ of my mDNS, to see if firefly is still there and when does it disappear?

    – Teo


    Solved it, I’m posting here for completeness sake:
    Using mdns-scan on Linux I was able to probe my LAN for mDNS addresses.

    I noticed mt-daapd was missing from that list.

    Attaching a system call traces (truss) to mt-daapd and the mdnsd daemon on Solaris showed that they didn’t even receive the query packets.

    Running a sniffer /magically resolved the problem/.

    After a post on the Solaris forum, the issue was identified as a driver multicast filter bug, and a fix was suggested by the driver developer.

    Driver was myk-2.6.1.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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