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Library shows twice in iTunes & Songbird

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    Hey there,
    Running Firefly svn-1696 on Debian Lenny. All working well except for the fact that the library shows up twice both in iTunes and Songbird. Initially, one library is distinguished by the hostname rather than than the library name but selecting it causes it to then be displayed with identical name to the library (hence double entries). Once this occurs there is no functional distinction between the two – both play and the playlists are identical. Oddly this occurs even if we disable the RSP plugin (and the web admin interface confirms that the plugin isn’t running/loaded).

    My questions would be:
    Is this a known issue?
    How can we differentiate this within the client?
    How can we turn off one service or the other?

    All help appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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