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iTunes server compatibility with Apple iPhone ‘Remote’ app

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    Same here. Could be so cool to stream from firefly to airport without a desk- or laptop turned on.

    This is really a killer feature.



    It’s been quite some time since i’ve checked this thread – for some reason the forum gave up on notifying me of any replies!

    In my original post i neglected to mention that for me the playback would indeed be via an Apple AirPort Express, so there is no need to consider enabling “local playback” as previously mentioned in this thread. That said, I can imagine that there would be some work required to enable FireFly to recognise the Apple AirPort Express on the network and stream to it, as iTunes is currently able to.




    What’s the update on this. Any news?



    I did a little research on this topic, because I am considering something similar for my own music streaming needs. This would be a very very cool setup, indeed.

    It will be quite an undertaking. You need a DACP server to handle the conversation with Remote. To the best of my understanding, there is not currently an open DACP server, although there should be enough information out there to write one. There is an open client [1], and the pairing protocol between client and server has been broken [2].

    Then you need an RAOP [3] server to stream the music to the Airport Express. Fortunately, there is a free RAOP player out there, raop-play [4].

    Architecturally, these components should not be included in a DAAP server (like Firefly). Instead, they should be separate so that the DACP controller / RAOP player could communicate with ANY DAAP server, including an iTunes machine, via DAAP. That said, it would be nifty to have a package which included all these components in one handy place for users.

    [1] DACP client:
    [2] DACP pairing:
    [3] RAOP:
    [4] RAOP player:



    Adding some of my own research results to the excellent findings allready posted by Ace.

    1) The stereo guys do have a DACP server implementation
    They actualy use the iphone remote app as their reference client though still with a jailbreaked phone (since the pairing wasn’t figured out at the time..which is now..see Ace’s link [2])

    2) For using an airport express a number of RAOP implementation are out there (though still hard to find)
    – Pulseaudio has RAOP output (which would be a good independent and flexible way if someone wants to implement a full solution)
    – VLC speaks RAOP though hardly anyone ever heard about that one 😉
    – there is a ruby based implementation which is working fine and great for rapid prototyping something

    So basicaly every needed component is there. It is just about to get this together and nicely package it. Agree that this is not to go into firefly but rather a good extension to it kept in a seperate package.

    In the mean time I’ve created a “similar” setup using mpd with the iphone mpod app on my NAS. Almost but not quite the real iThing.. (google “mpod raop mpd” and follow first result if you like more info)

    I’m lacking some to really get this all together in a useable form. But if some is keen addressing this I’m willing to help.



    Good stuff. By the way, I did buy an Airport Express this weekend for $100 at the local Apple store, and hooked up an all-Apple solution, as intended, using a Mac Mini as the server. This is AWESOME. In fact it’s so good, I’m not sure how motivated I am to bother with an open solution :). Still, I will probably tinker with these pieces, now that I’m getting pretty familiar with the forked-daapd code.



    So, I have worked on this a little more in case anyone is interested. It turns out there is a LOT of overlap in the functionality of a DAAP server, and the DACP server needed to talk to iPhone Remote. In a sample 3-hour session of regular use, 76% of the traffic between iPhone Remote and iTunes on the mac were “databases” calls–the bread and butter of a DACP server. I am now starting to think the right course of action is to implement support for the particular database calls that iPhone Remote makes in an open DAAP server (I work in forked-daapd, but the principle applies to Firefly too), and then add in a module (perhaps a plugin) that responds to “ctrl-int” requests by sending commands to the player via RAOP. And, of course, the pairing, but that should be fairly trivial.



    I am VERY interested in this implementation.

    I have been looking for a music streaming solution via wifi. I believe that the airport express is one of the most cost effective options available and streaming from itunes works well.


    The one item that seems to be missing is some type of server support with itunes. I have a WHS and since this computer is always running in the house, it would be ideal to be the media repository. It would also be ideal to use an iphone or itouch via the Remote app to control it. Doing this would give you the same functionality as a sonos system for less than 1/10th the cost.

    Currently in order to use the Remote app you must have an instance of iTunes running and this is not easily feasible with a WHS since a user must be logged in for the software to run. There are workarounds (anyserviceinstaller.exe) but they are cumbersome.

    Please, keep us updated on your progress!



    There is a plugin for MediaMonkey called MonkeyTunes that does exactly what we talked about: Pairing the original iPhone Remote app with a third party software (MediaMonkey in this case).

    Guess others will come up with this soon. So who wants to be the first to write an extension for firefly 😀



    This is ultimately what I would like to have set up too.

    I’m a coder, but sadly I have no C/c++ skills and not likely to acquire any anytime soon…those with small children will understand 🙂

    I’ve seen that there is an Iphone remote for firefly already (crossfire, Perhaps this could be used instead of the iphone remote (apple itunes one) and so avoid this part of the development.

    Anyway, at some point I’ll buy an apple express and initially settle for having the macbook fired up to use it.




    dixie above has mentioned he has setup a similar setup

    Looks to me the functionality that is being talked about. I presume dixie you are Kai from the other forum? Or have just followed the instructions?

    Anyway, it was using mpd, raop-play and an mpd iphone remote app. No firefly.

    Pretty cool. I need to scrape up some funds for an apple express and nas now!



    The good news is, I can say this is going to happen. Julien Blache and I both have the hardware, and are working on a service you can control with iPhone/iPod Touch and plays over APX. I added the necessary database API’s for the iPhone to interact with the database, Julien is getting it to pair and login right now.

    The bad news for our friends running WHS, is that is happening in forked-daapd, which runs only on Linux–and will run only on Linux until someone wants to contribute WHS support.



    I’m still confused. All the remote application does is change music remotely, from the Library on a computer with iTunes. The only support would be to change the music streaming to the computer with iTunes from Firefly using the remote… and the only problem with it is that the Remote application itself can’t see shared libraries. It can change through the songs in the library, as long as they’re in order though. Anybody care to explain what’s trying to be accomplished?




    This is outstanding news. I’ve been waiting for this for A LONG time. Any idea when you guys expect to have this available?




    Has anyone made any progress on this? I’d love to run Firefly as an Itunes server for my AppleTV but as I’m sure you know it’s asks for the auth code just like the iphone remote app.

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