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iTunes fails to load shared library -3259

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    iTunes gives me this error off and on. It was working great and now it’s not.

    The shared library “FireFly share” is not accessible for an unknown reason (-3259).

    Check that any firewall software running on either the shared computer or this computer has been set to allow communication on port 3689.

    I have mt-daapd svn-1586 installed on an Ubuntu 7.10 server/workstation and am broadcasting using avahi:

    avahi-publish-address -v -H `hostname`.local -s My DAAP server _daap._tcp. 3689

    I am using both Mac and Windows remotely through RendezvousProxy and the shared library is detected without issues in iTunes, but it does not always load. Despite seeing this error on both machines, I could reconnect and succeed. This morning I have tried again and no amount of reconnecting has succeeded.

    The ubuntu server runs firestarter in addition to the DSL’s built in firewall. I’m very familiar with and confident that I have configured the port forwarding correctly for the DSL, but only just started using firestarter yesterday. Because of this, I have turned it off to make sure it is not the cause.

    The music is located on an external hdd connected to the Ubuntu machine and most of the mt-daapd config options are still the default. I’m a bit lost and would greatly appreciate any help.

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