Itunes & cache of firefly files.

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    I am using a firefly server in a ethernet harddrive wester digital. It’s really good, except the bandwitdh and the speed of the nas.
    I have a quite huge mp3 database, and eachtime itunes is (re)opened ( after a standby of my laptop … ), itunes download the filelist from the firefly server, and it takes a very long time ( 8 to 9 minutes) to fetch the complete filelist.

    Is there a way to speed up this on the firefly server ? ( I already tried the zipped sending of the file list, which is mainly the same result).
    Is there a way to speed up this on ITunes ( OSX )? ie, I was thinking about a cache or somethink like that.The song list doens’t change very often, and I could ‘force’ a cache refresh on my ITunes when I would like to update from the NAS …

    Any idea ?


    Don’t use iTunes 😀

    Well, in all seriousness, there are only so many things you can do:
    1.) stop using iTunes (I’m not being funny)
    2.) get a faster piece of hardware to run firefly on
    3.) make your collection smaller (iE split it up in seperate shares)


    Well ..
    I am using Itunes because of the excellent support of airport express…
    I have 4 airport in my house… I am using itunes to play the music on all airport… and the music is synchronized on all airports…
    Is there any other music player supporting airport express ( and multiple airport synchro ) on OSX ?
    Last year was my last year on Windows world ( yeaaa… I change my live 😉 ).
    I was using Winamp with out_apx plugin. but at that moment, out_apx was not able to synchronize music on multiple airport express…
    In addition, I am using the tool Sailling Clicker to control itunes with my cell phone..
    I beleive that at the moment, Itunes is the best ( and only ? ) integrated solution to deal with the needs I have .. ( OSX, remote control, playing with synchro on multiple airport express… ) …

    But I am open minded 😉 … and if you have another solution, I would test it 😉



    If iTunes is the only thing that connects to Firefly then take Firefly out of the equation.
    Go into iTunes preferences and change the library location from your local hard drive to the network drive.
    The files still live on the NAS but the db will be on the local HDD speeding things up considerably.

    You could even symlink the iTunes music directory on your mac to the music directory on the NAS if you wanted to.

    When your laptop is disconnected iTunes will complain that it can’t find the files & ask you where they are.
    If you close iTunes all will work again when you reconnect to the NAS

    Unfortunately, for you, I run Windoze so i can’t give you step by step instructions
    This is how iTunes is set up on my PC but i rarely use it (iTunes that is). 😉


    This was the first solution I tried …
    but the problem was when itunes check the files … It take ‘months’ to get all tag info.
    The other problem is with the symlink access. When I loose the server access ( using it somewhere else ), Itunes just hangs on every files because it’s trying to access the files….

    Hope I made myself quite clear… I am a bit tired today 😉 …

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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