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It shouldn’t be this hard…

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    OK, I’m feeling like a complete bozo here, but after many hours chasing my tail I’m admiting defeat despite >30yrs experience as a software developer.

    MacBook Pro Leopard
    ReadyNAS Duo
    * Firefly enabled and configured (allegedly)
    * iTunes music in share iTunes/music
    Linksys WRT54G with 3689 forwarding to ReadyNAS


    The expected Firefly server, “Itunes Server”, shows up exactly nowhere (not in Finder, not in iTunes).

    The ReadyNAS shows up just fine, both on my Mac as well as on my XP box. And I’m able to access the music on it via Sonos with no problem, from my Mac, the Sonos controller, and my iPhone. (Side grumble: when is Sonos going to figure out that they need to release a Sonos _Player_ client for computers? Shouldn’t have to buy a ZPxxx just to listen on the desktop.)

    I simply can’t figure this out.

    Help me, Obi-wan…




    Try connecting to the ReadyNAS using the Java Firefly client.
    Unlike iTunes, you have to tell the java client the IP address & port number of the server.
    If the java client can’t connect then Firefly has crashed during startup
    If the Java client can connect then you have a network problem



    The magic of the power-down-everything-and-reboot seems to have found the Itunes Server.

    @stretch, thanks for the suggestion — I had already tried downloading the client and hit the same wall, and your posting pointed me at the above “solution”.

    Interestingly, for those who follow this thread in the future, it appears that Firefly had crashed, although FrontView (the ReadyNAS admin utility) was reporting it as healthy.

    I’ll post again once I’ve discerned that everything really is solid.



    Sounds like Firefly choked during a scan and was stuck in an endless loop rather than crashing.
    While it’s doing an initial scan, the web interface is not available & it’s doesn’t share any music



    There’s always a thing called a log. (/var/log/mt-daapd.log)
    Even if it doesn’t give sufficient information in the first place, you can raise the debuglevel up to 9.
    If that gives you no clue, firefly had no trouble starting up.

    Next guess would then be that the router does not have multicast (enabled).
    Firefly relies on this to broadcast itself on the (wireless) network.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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