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Is mt-daapd for me?

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    Hi, this is my first port here 🙂

    I heard that mt-daapd could be used as a replacement for sshfs to access my (1TiB) music on my home server through the internet.

    Is this possible? Does it really perform better than sshfs?

    I just don’t want to spend hours setting this up just to find out that it doesn’t work very well.




    Well, there’s a huge conceptional difference: sshfs gives you access to a filesystem and firefly is a music server for which you (or your client application) need to “speak” the daap protocol (like itunes).

    First question: which application do you use to access your music?



    I use amarok for Linux but I’m willing to use anything else as long as it works on linux.



    Well amarok supports DAAP shares, so you could to with a ssh-tunnel and some clever avahi settings.

    The trouble though with such a big library is that it will take quite a long time for amarok to pick up the playlists and all the content. Depending on total bandwidth the delay will vary of course.



    It’s OK, I always hook my laptop to my local network (1Gbps) a let Amarok scan the music folders and cache everything in. All I have to do next is turnoff folder monitoring.
    I’m still looking for a way to “buffer” music on slow networks (from work!). The problem with sshfs was that the OS doesn’t see the files as network files so the buffering for vlc, wmp and amarok doesn’t kick in. Tunneling SMB through ssh is a waist of bandwidth. Hopefully firefly will solve this problem.

    I’m now reading the wiki and will install firefly next weekend.

    Thanks for your help.



    Ok, with that regard you’ll have better performance on slow networks.
    If your library is rather static you might want to try fireflyclient, which buffers the lib locally also.



    Thanks again!
    I used openvpn to bridge my computers back home and everything just works. No lag no nothing!

    I feel like saying “God bless open source”

    One last question. I have also lots of movies and videos in the following formats: mp4, avi, flv and divx. Do you recommend using firefly to stream them as well? or should just watch them at home…. 🙁



    firefly cant stream movies.
    I think someone got m3v files to work with a few hacks, but not really satisfactionary.

    To stream videos other software is more suiitable, perhaps something like TVersity, or swisscenter…?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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