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iPhone/iPod Touch native client app

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    Hi All,

    I have searched high and low and I can’t find a native DAAP client app capable of connecting to firefly.
    I surmise that there is not one available…
    I am considering having a crack at developing one but I am a noob with objective-c/cocoa touch etc.
    Before I sink a load of time an effort into trying this out (no promises at this stage!) I wanted to get some feedback:

    1) Is there any reason why such an app does not already exist? – i.e. not possible with SDK, blocked from appstore by apple for some reason. It seems that all the functionality I would need exists in other apps – i.e. bonjour discovery of servers, streaming audio etc.
    2) Is there demand for this? I guess I could just do it for myself but it would be nice if others wanted it too.
    3) Has anyone already made a start on such a project?




    It’s definetly blocked by the App store because that would allow to connect to a shared iTunes library. Apple doesn’t want that. Apple wants you to sync it over the wire just like an iPod. *shrug*

    But it’s not as easy as that, since there are similiar devices around and there just doesn’t seem to be a half-decent DAAP client implementation out there. I’ve had an Nokia N810 for almost a year and there is no such thing, not even close. Thats surprising, given it’s open nature.



    I thought it should still be possible to connect to unencrypted DAAP servers.
    As of itunes 7+ DAAP has been encrypted on itunes and has not been reverse engineered (yet).
    (This is why the pinnacle soundbridges can’t use itunes but the roku ones can – roku bought a license for encryption certificate).

    Alternatively, does firefly not support RSP (roku server protocol). I thought this can be used instead of daap?




    It’s not a technical limitation, but simply a restriction.

    The iPhone’s 3 ARM cores are more powerful than most PCs were 10 years ago for instance. 😉



    Sure, I understand that the iPhone is more than capable of being a firefly client.
    What makes me uncertain whether a firefly client would be blocked from appstore is that there are uPnP clients out there.
    I think you would be completely correct that an app that could connect to (encrypted) iTunes daap would be blocked from appstore…

    Still, maybe not worth the effort to develop the app without more clarification on the refusal critera.



    I’m looking for the same, but on windows mobile …. Posted 2 times a question on that, haven’t got any reply till now … I don’t understand that we’re the only one wanting a whole music-collection at your fingertips on our smartphone …



    I’m really into this as well. Could be so cool to stream from firefly to airportexpress using the iPhone to remote control it…



    @[email protected]@n wrote:

    I’m looking for the same, but on windows mobile …. Posted 2 times a question on that, haven’t got any reply till now … I don’t understand that we’re the only one wanting a whole music-collection at your fingertips on our smartphone …

    You’re not the only one interested. 😉
    I managed to get a client working on windows mobile. I might post it sometime soon.



    As soon as i am able to setup a development environment i am going to give it a shot.
    I have already created a webbapp which can do the same, so making this native shouldnt be the issue (, however setting up XCode on Kalayway and learning frickn Obj-C is… 🙁 ).



    Hi Edgecrush3r , i ‘m working on a native ckient app, do you want to test it ?

    You can get it through cydia by adding this url

    Here is a screenshot of my app




    Hi Pacopad. I downloaded your application but when I click on my Firefly server it quits automatically.
    Do you have an idea of why? Thanks.



    Hi Cojayar,
    maybe you have an old version of firefly or your firefly server is passworded protected…




    Hi Pacopad,

    I also have downloaded FireBox.deb from your website and have attempted to use it.

    The first problem I found was after I tapped the link to a Firefly server (the two iTunes 9 servers in my household were also listed but I ignored these). A message window popped up with this:

    Connexion au serveur
    Obtension des Playlists

    and then it sat there for many minutes. I tried pressing the Home button and restarting the app a few times and eventually the message window came and went in a second or so and I then saw a screen with:

    Library >

    So I tapped on Library and this message window showed:

    Chargement en cours
    Playlist en cours de chargement

    and once again the ‘busy’ wheel keeps spinning and no matter how many times I stop and restart or just let it run for 30 minutes or more, it never gets past this window.

    There are 11,400 tracks in my Firefly library. Is this too many?

    I’ve just started developing apps for iPhone and one app hung because an old, corrupt SQLite database was copied when I installed my app. Is that at all possible with FireBox.

    Also while I was waiting for the Playlist update one of my iPhone alarms went off but I couldn’t kill FireBox and I couldn’t stop the alarm from sounding. Eventually I had to power off the iPhone and restart. It looks like FireBox is not surrendering control after popping up the ‘Updating’ message window.

    Hope this is of use. Are you intending to open the source code to FireBox? The reason I ask is I would like to single-step through it with the debugger to see what’s causing this problem and I need the source for that.

    Great app, hope it’s working soon.





    Hi Pacopad,

    I’ve been looking for a DAAP client for the iPhone/iPodTouch for some time so was interested to try your app.

    Unfortunately, I seem to get the same initial error as GaryAJ. That is, after selecting my Firefly server, I get a box saying “Connexion au serveur. Obtension des Playlists”. I’ve left it running for over half an hour and also tried stopping it and trying again, but it doesn’t seem to get any further. The screen does appear to show the Playlists listed on the Firefly webserver. I currently have about 4300 songs on the server.




    As mentioned in a previous post and I’m paraphrasing – “are you on an old version or is your server password protected

    The reason I highlighted the password protection is because that’s the bug (or “lack of feature”) that bit me right now.

    I couldn’t get to it until I removed the password for the clients. (Admin still has password…)

    That allows my client to connect and get the playlists. I can then go in and play the items in the playlist.


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