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Intelligent Artists

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    Hi I wish to get an intelligent artist listing, which means:

      * case insensitive (“Abba” and “ABBA” would be the same artist)
      * configurable ignore words at the beginning (“the” can be ignored at the beginning, so “The Beatles” and “Beatles” would be the same), at the moment there is only a predefined list of these words
      *configurable separator words, that the artist value is split up in separate artists (“Queen & David Bowie” would be split up in “Queen” and “David Bowie”)

    I second this(these?) feature, these ideas have crossed my mind aswell while browsing my music.
    Too bad the only active developer has disappeared.


    I’ve tingled that problem before.
    The solution isnt “intelligent artists” in as much as it would be a sane database-cleaning script.

    Too bad sqlite doesn’t know stored procedures, or else I’d have written that in a jiffy. If you do a search, you can find the some SQL statements that I’ve played around with in the past, here on the forums.
    Too bad I don’t know any scripting, because I’d really like this feature too.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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