Initial setup of Firefly with WHS

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    I’m new to this so could do with some guidance please.

    I’ve installed Bonjour, Firefly server and Firefly .msi addin on my WHS but now unsure as to what to do next

    Now do I copy all my music from my PC running iTunes to D:sharesMusic?
    If that is what I am meant to do what changes to I have to make on my iTunes on my PC if anything?
    Also when I now rip one of my CD’s to iTunes where will the files go to? Will I only now have one iTunes library and that will reside on my WHS?



    Ok so I’ve started to play more with this setup.

    I copied all my music to the WHS and can see it all in my iTunes under ‘shared’ but I don’t get any album art.

    Can this be fixed?
    Also still interested in how I rip my CD’s to this new library if anyone has any pointers? I think I’ve read that if the WHS drive is mapped to a drive letter on the iTunes PC then I can rip directly to the library on the WHS. Is this correct?


    You could map the share directory on any system and use any ripping application to rip your music and move it to that location. I generally rip in iTunes just because I like the way iTunes handles the directory hierarchy.

    That said, if you rip it in iTunes it’ll add it to your local library and copy the files to your WHS share which will add them to Firefly, so you’ll want to remove them from your local library if you want to rely on playing solely through Firefly.

    Generally I rip using iTunes to a local folder then move all of the folders to the network share once the ripping is done, but there’s no reason why ripping right to the WHS box won’t work (make sure you have PP1 installed on your WHS box though due to the pre-PP1 data corruption issues in WHS).

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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