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    Hi –
    I didn’t see anyone talking about using FireFly that’s embedded in HP MediaVault NAS devices, so I thought I would start a thread and get us going to some feedback and questions. First off, my setup is HP MediaVault running FireFly connected to Linksys WRT54GS router to Soundbridge M1001 (x4).

    — In general, it works great. It actually shows up as two media servers: HP MediaVault and HP MediaVault AV Server. I use the AV Server one because the other saw only a small fraction of my files. New files added to the library show up within 10 minutes or so (haven’t actually timed it). Rarely do I get drop outs or rebuffers, etc.

    Now, the questions:
    1) When I access the config page (//server_IP:3689) I can see the settings but it won’t let me change them. Any idea why?
    2) Some of the files still aren’t seen by the server. I have ~4000 files, so I only come across this every now and then, but, for example, only 1 song from The Cure “Mixed Up” gets found. Thoughts?
    3) The tags on the songs are different from the tags that show up in Winamp, WMP11, and Zune. Example, in FF, it shows both “Panic at the Disco” and “Panic! at the Disco” but the other three mentioned above only show the latter one. Another example, I have a BB King album where each song features another artist. FF shows every song as a different artist entry (“BB King feat. XYZ”) when I want them to all be under BB King. Any ideas how to find these tags and change them?

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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