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How-to setup Firefly on a Synology disk station (powerpc)

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    Firefly is running, I see the shared library in itunes on my mac. I think the problem is that is does not use the good protocol, the one that the soundbridge support (which is not the same as itunes). I have no idea why.



    OK – first test passed.
    2nd: Did you use different names for
    1) Servername of Diskstation/iTunes Service (default: “DiskStation”) and
    2) Servername of Firefly-Server (e.g. “Firefly_DiskStation”) – see configuration page of firefly (http://ip_address_of_diskstation:3689/config.html)

    Maybe you’re always accessing the built in iTunes-service which is NOT compatible with Soundbridge?

    Select 2) (e.g. “Firefly_DiskStation”) in the Soundbrige configuration menu.

    Hope that helps 🙂



    Yes I gave firefly a different name and to be sure, I disabled the built in itunes server of the DS207.
    But the problem is that I can’t see any name in the soundbridge. It just tells me “incompatible server found, you should use firefly blah blah”… but it is precisely what I would like to do 🙂



    Softwareversion of Soundbridge ?
    I’m using 3.0.44



    I have tested with both the last public version and the last beta. No change.

    Just one question to be sure. What exactly did you type on the DS207 telnet to install the firefly ? Just ipkg install ? Maybe it will show me something I did wrong.
    Did you do something about plugin in firefly ?

    Thanks for your help.



    I did it exacly like in this description

    PS: You mentioned “the latest public firmware” – are you really talking about the soundbridge firmware? I used the built in upgrade mechanism of the soundbridge – 3.0.44 should be the latest one – doe you have the same version?



    My version is the 3.0.51 (latest beta) but the problem was the same with previous one.
    Well I did exactly the same as in your link (except that 207+ has a different bootstrap and compiled package than 207, I take the good ones). I dont see what I am doing wrong.



    ❓ no idea ❓

    Just to be sure – did you restart the diskstation and soundbridge?



    Actually, I just found a solution. Firefly was not correctly installed due to some little endian / big endian problem.
    All the trick with a valid package is exposed here:
    Hope this may help other people.

    Thanks for your time Marting.



    I got the 107+ with the Marvel chip and I got Firefly working as well from the link above – thanks for that!

    One major problem though is how to get flac to work. I’ve included .flac in the extension config, but Firefly doesn’t index them.
    My guess is that it could be a Firefly version problem?
    Any of you guys with that special compiled version got flac working?

    On a slightly different note; isn’t there a way to download and use the compiled versions that are supplied here – instead of hoping that some kind soul compiles a special version for the Synology Marvel boxes?

    Thanks and regards,



    Softwareversion of Soundbridge ?
    I’m using 3.0.44
    Very informative indeed! 😆




    does anyone has experience installing firefly on synolgy ds-508.

    i’m using Original and latest firmware.

    I have tried to install firefly mt-daapd_svn-1696-1ds101g_powerpc.ipk using bootstrap provided by Maarten Damen ( ending with the following error:

    ERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for mt-daapd:
    libid3tag libogg libvorbis ivorbis-tools flac sqlite2 bash alac-decoder

    Any idea doing better ?

    Thanks for replies



    Hi again,

    as i understand i have to install the following packages:

    libid3tag libogg libvorbis ivorbis-tools flac sqlite2 bash alac-decoder

    I#m not sure which packages (optware ?). Are there any special packages for powerpc (ppc) like the package mt-daapd_svn-1696-1ds101g_powerpc.ipk

    Thanks for help



    FireFly is now running on my DS 508 talking to my Roku soundbridge M1001 with package



    I’ve been running Firefly on my DiskStation for some time now, but since the version I had manually installed was really old, I decided to replace it with the one available directly through ipkg. Now I have a problem with Ogg Vorbis tags. It seems that Firefly isn’t able to read any metadata from Vorbis files and since majority of my music library is ripped in exactly that format, it makes using Firefly really hard. The files can be streamed, it’s just that their tags aren’t correctly read by Firefly.

    Is anyone else having similar problems and does anyone have any idea how they could be solved?

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