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How to create playlists

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    I’m sure this is covered somewhere but I can’t find anything right now: How do I create a playlist and where in the mt-daapd music directory should it be stored?

    It appears clear that I can’t use iTunes to create a playlist for the mt-daapd server, so I guess I have to do it manually somehow.

    thanks ahead,



    Just take a look at your mt-daapd.conf file, it has a playlist entry which points to /etc/mt-daapd.playlist. Just include that line by removing the comment ‘#’ at the beginning, then edit the mt-daapd.playlist file, which already shows a few examples.

    There’s more info in both the mt-daapd.conf and the mt-daapd.playlist files as well, you just have to look.



    What he said.

    Also, you can’t be using nightlies… that’s whats in the process of being rewritten in nightlies. 🙂

    — Ron



    Hmmm. My copy of the mt-daapd.playlist turns out to be a identical to the mt-daapd.conf file.

    And no, I haven’t inadvertently renamed it.

    Can someone post an mt-daapd.playlist file here so that I can copy it?




    It’s better to dig it out of one of the tarballs — say, from the stable tarball. If you try and cut and paste from here it will get manged.

    It’s in the contrib folder of any of the tarballs.

    As mention before, though, playlists don’t work in nightlies yet.



    wrt sqlite:

    ipkg install ncurses

    Sorry — my bad, I’ll add that to the deps for the package.

    As far as the other style playlists, those are gone for good. It will be sql playlists from here out. As far as a timeline, I’m not sure. It will probably be some time. I might throw together a web page that will convert a .playlist file to a .sql script that you can run on your database though. that might be a reasonably stopgap.

    I’ll post back to this thread when I have something.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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