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    hello. I have a box that I set up with ubuntu 9.10. I am in the process of setting up firefly (svn 1696). Now, I can get firefly working just fine when it is looking for music on my hard drive. The music I want firefly to get is on an external hard drive. So in the web server, I set up the address for my external hard drive (/media/disk/music/), which from everything I can find, is a valid path. When I go to rescan, no songs are added. When I check the log, I see this “error rescanning…bad path?” Am I missing something?



    I have the same setup – Ubu 9.10 with 1Tb USB HDD containing all my music files.
    I had the same problem which was due to a wrong acces rights and ownership.
    I have the whole directorytree as chown: ‘mt-daapd:root’, chmod: 754
    This works

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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