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    I wonder if anyone can help me?

    I recently discovered that I could set up compilation directories in Firefly:

    However following Ron’s advice from that thread I have been unable to get them to work.

    I am running Firefly svn-1586 on an unslung NSLU2 serving my music to 2 Roku M1001s. My directory system is fairly standard: Music/_GENRE/artist/album/track and I have a “various” (artist) folder for each genre which contains my compilations. I have set the directories for each folder and when this failed I also tried setting up a trial directory /Music/compilations containing just a few albums. Again this failed and I have nothing listed under “Various” “Various Artists” or “Compilations” etc when I browse on the Rokus. I have tried restarting the server and performing a full scan each time.

    As an example my music files are found on: share/flash/data/public/music and a compilation folder would be share/flash/data/public/music/_AMBIENT/various. I have tried with the full path in the advanced configuration and also just /_AMBIENT/various and again neither works.

    The ID3 tags are all good – all metadata is complete with and artist, album artist, title and album for every track. The album artist is “Various” for my compilations.

    Can anyone help me set this up or is this a problem with the NSLU2 code?


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