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Help a noob — installing Firefly on Linkstation Pro

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    Hi, I am following instructions on this post

    and hit a wall early in the process. I copied the files and libraries into the share folder, then try to run the command

    tar -C / -xzvf /mnt/disk1/share/mt-daapd-svn-1586_arm9.tar.gz

    getting this message

    Cannot open: No such file or directory

    I double checked the file name — looks good.
    I double checked the directory — all files are in the root share directory on the LS Pro.

    and here you can see the files in the directory.

    I’m using Vista with Telnet activated.

    thanks for any help.



    Can you list the folder and see what is there in your telnet session?
    eg: ls -l /mnt/disk1/share

    I’m interested if you get this working. I have just installed Firefly on my LS Pro using these instructions, the service is running but neither of my soundbridge media players can see the service. LS Pro is running firmware 1.11.



    Hi, I found my problem… failed to mention I’m installing on Linkstation Pro Duo — includes two hard drives — which uses raid to mirror or span the disks. In all commands such as this one

    tar -C / -xzvf /mnt/disk1/share/mt-daapd-svn-1586_arm9.tar.gz

    I replaced disk1 with array1 and everything went smoothly.

    tar -C / -xzvf /mnt/array1/share/mt-daapd-svn-1586_arm9.tar.gz

    Thanks for the suggestion.



    That’s good news.

    I have now worked out the cause of my problem; the router does not pass the protocol packets used to broadcast the service between the wired and wireless bridge. Other threads are reporting this. Out of interest what router model do you have?



    I use Netgear WGR614…
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