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FreeNAS& Firefly snv 1586 crashes when iTunes xml is scanned

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    Hi all,

    I have had issues with Firefly and scanning playlists. I have Firefly 1586 on FreeNAS 0.69.1 Stable and when I set it up to allow scanning of the iTunes xml file for playlists, when I try to access the share in iTunes, firefly crashes. I get the “exited on signal 11” error in the system log and file system full/ query vacuum error on the mt-daapd.log.

    If I disable the scan iTunes xml file for playlist, everything works and I can play from firefly in iTunes. However, I do not have access to any playlists generated on the master iTunes computer, which is a bit of a pain.

    I have increased the size of var from 32MB to 64MB like another user who was having a similar problem but to no avail. Does anyone know how I can get Firefly to be able to scan the iTunes xml and still allow for firelfy playback on iTunes clients?

    My music library is roughly 16,000 songs and a mix of m4p, m4a, mp3 files. I am also using iTunes 8.02 on all clients and main iTunes PC with the library on it.

    Thanks for any insight.




    Signal 11 is a segfault, or segmentation fault.
    This means that there is a memory error. Increasind /var wont help.

    Did you try to use svn-1696?
    What does the mt-daapd.log say before the signal 11?




    Right before the “exited on Signal 11” error. The Mt-daapd.log says “Filesystem: full, Query: vacuum error” or something to that effect.

    I ran a debug level 9 last night and toward the end it reported some business about having to name the server “Tune Stream” as Tune Stream (2)” for the tcp responder and rsp responders (Ithink, I am at work now and don’t have the log to verify the responder part). Could that have something to do with it?

    Also, I am running emmbeded FreeNAS, it is loaded to RAM in its entrirety and runs off a RAMDisk. I have run a full install in the past and not had this issue. Also this only happens when you have Firefly scan the “iTunes Music Library.xml” file. If I toggle that off firefly works fine in the embedded FreeNAS setup. But then I do not get any of the playlists from my master itunes machine.

    Could it be because the master Itunes PC has “look for shared libraries” toggled on? It would not report Shares in the iTunes Music Library.xml would it?

    Very strange.




    @rrlundbo wrote:

    it is loaded to RAM in its entrirety and runs off a RAMDisk

    @rrlundbo wrote:

    The Mt-daapd.log says “Filesystem: full,

    I suspect that this is your problem



    I’m with stretch on this one.
    You need to put the database, and firefly’s log files on the harddisk.

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