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Firefly with WAV ripped via iTunes?

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    CJ Paul

    SHOULD this work? I have a friend who has always ripped to WAV via iTunes and when he upgraded to iTunes 7 he couldn’t get his ROKU to work. So he found firefly and installed it and basically it is working for him. I had the same problem so I installed Firefly (and Bonjour first, he doesn’t even remember if he installed that) but mine isn’t working. When I go to browse ->artists, it tells me no files were found (I’ve configured Firefly correctly, keep reading) but if I go to browse -> songs, it lists all my songs. Of course they are all listed by file name which is worthless but they are there and will play, but it can’t find them if I try to tell the Roku to browse artist or album. What gives?

    I have firefly set to the correct directory and added .wav to the supported file types. Like I said, its connecting and playing, it just won’t browse by information that I assumed is supported by tags. How is my friend doing this (or is he not, he’s not very technical and I’m not positive he is able to use the browse artist feature either).

    BTW, this is a windows XP box, as is my friend’s box.


    CJ Paul

    For anyone who might read this and care, I figured it out. Since WAV doesn’t support embedded tags really iTunes stores the information in the library.xml file. I’ve moved my files at one point to a USB hard drive but apparently my library.xml file stayed put. Once I added that directory to Firefly, I can see the tag information now.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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