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Firefly will not start

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    I have been running Firefly for over 18 months without problem.

    Recently downloaded new McAfee security software.

    Since then, Firefly will not turn on automatically. If I manually turn Firefly on, it aborts 60 – 90 seconds later with the error message – “Cannot open database”.

    My ROKU can see ITUNES and Internet Radio, it cannot see Firefly.

    Any idea how I can resolve




    With McAfee disabled, delete the db and have Firefly build a new one. If it starts and runs OK then all is good so far.
    Restart McAfee and have it run a scan.
    If Firefly then breaks, chances are that McAfee has done something to the db (like quarantine it or lock it).
    You will then have to list Firefly’s database as an exempt file.

    If Firefly crashes during the initial rebuild then you’ve got corrupted metadata in one of the music files. Check the error log.

    The db file name will be songs.db or songs3.db depending on which db type you’re using




    I’ll give it a try.



    Did you resolve your problem as I have the same one,

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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