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Firefly, Synology -0803 firmware and case-sensitive names

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    I’ve just installed the latest beta firmware (-0803) onto my Synology box (which, as I understand it, is running firefly) and it has crippled my use of it.

    Basically, Synology say ( that the firmware has the following feature:
    “Case-Sensitive File System: Case-sensitive file system is automatically supported after firmware upgrade to provide better Linux and Mac compatibility.”

    and what I’m now finding with my Pinnacle SoundBridge M400PX is that I can’t search on it for artists, albums or songs since it requires me to enter their names with correct capitaisation. So, for example, if I want to search for the band Aim then I have to enter it onto the SoundBridge as AiM since that’s the band’s real name as given in the relevant directory name / ID3 tag. Personally, I can’t remember exactly how bands have capitalised their names, and I suspect that most other people will be the same.

    Forgive my ignorant of the DAAP protocol, but is this a client- or server-side issue? So is Firefly running the query and returning results, or is it something else manifesting itself on the client side? And if it is server-side, is there anything that can be done to Firefly to stop it being case-sensitive?



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