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firefly stream to apple tv

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    Setting up firefly on ubuntu and apple tv is a breeze. Everything seems to work.

    But the stream direction I want doesn’t. After a succesfull installation, the firefly share should be detected by MAC’s finder. Sure, but the apple tv is slightly different, and doesn’t show any shares before you have entered the passcode, given by atv, to the sharing itunes application. There is no place to give a passcode in the firefly / mt-daap / netatalk configurations.

    How can I configure my ubuntu server to accept apple tv streaming?
    IMO, this wuold be the more sensible way. Your desktop is likely to be more powerful, has more disk space, easier to install more disk space, not to mention mouse and keyboard.

    If this is really impossible, how can I have atv use it’s own shares? I can share out music with atv, but can’t have it play it’s own shares!



    any updates on this matter? i am highly interested 😀



    same here! 😀

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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