Firefly server wont stay running

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    Im really not good at this computer stuff, so if anyone has any advice that they can offer IN ENGLISH it would be MOST appreciated!

    When I open the firefly program and click on the server tab, there is a button that says “start server”

    I click on that, and the server starts (turning my icon from read to orange). it stays that way for about a minute, and then turns itself off again… and says “server is not currently running”

    I cant get it to stay ON….

    any help?


    We need more information to identify the problem.
    Could you copy&paste the complete log?

    There’s another tab called “Log”. It contains probably a big list of NON-ENGLISH text. 😉
    Copy & Paste that here so we can have a look and try to translate it.


    I have a similar problem. I am running XP professional. Firefly boots up when i log in to my pc with the administrator password. Obviously its not good to run routinely like this but when i use my personal log in to the pc firefly does not start running and the firefly software wont let me start it up – it tells me that I can only do this in with admion rights. i need to set Firefly up so it automatically starts when I use my personal log in to the pc.

    can someone please tell me how to do this. i attach a copy of my Firefly log

    Log file: firefly.log

    2009-07-27 18:49:06 (20df3cfe): Starting with debuglevel 0
    2009-07-27 18:49:07 (20df3cfe): Starting rendezvous daemon
    2009-07-27 18:49:07 (20df3cfe): Initializing database
    2009-07-27 18:49:09 (20df3cfe): Starting web server from C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serveradmin-root on port 9999
    2009-07-27 18:49:09 (20df3cfe): Registering rendezvous names
    2009-07-27 18:49:10 (20df3cfe): Serving 959 songs. Startup complete in 4 seconds
    2009-07-27 18:49:10 (20df3cfe): Rescanning database
    2009-07-27 18:49:22 (20df3cfe): Starting playlist scan
    2009-07-27 18:49:22 (20df3cfe): Scanned 959 songs (was 959) in 12 seconds


    I am still going nuts with these problems – 1) firefly shutting down of its own accord 2) firefly not starting up unless I am using admin login to windows XP and worse I cant switch the server on unless in admin login – inmy own login the ‘switch on’ button foir the server is greyed out. This all means that I have to log on to my pc in admin password – then i go doewnstairs to listen to my mucis on soundbridge and after some time Firefly shuts down and i have to go upstairs and start again.

    This didnt happen on my previous PC so can some expert please tell me whats gone wrong? Soundbridge/Firefly is a great idea but in practice useless for me right now. There must be a simple solution.

    here is a copy of my recent log (in case its relevant I store my music in a folder on the hard drive (not MYmusic but I have set up Firefly so it can find the sahred music folder)

    2009-09-22 12:05:47 (20df3cfe): Starting with debuglevel 0
    2009-09-22 12:05:49 (20df3cfe): Starting rendezvous daemon
    2009-09-22 12:05:49 (20df3cfe): Initializing database
    2009-09-22 12:05:51 (20df3cfe): Starting web server from C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serveradmin-root on port 9999
    2009-09-22 12:05:51 (20df3cfe): Registering rendezvous names
    2009-09-22 12:05:52 (20df3cfe): Serving 985 songs. Startup complete in 5 seconds
    2009-09-22 12:05:52 (20df3cfe): Rescanning database
    2009-09-22 12:06:04 (20df3cfe): Starting playlist scan
    2009-09-22 12:06:05 (20df3cfe): Scanned 974 songs (was 985) in 13 seconds
    2009-09-22 12:16:07 (20df3cfe): Rescanning database
    2009-09-22 12:17:41 (20df3cfe): Starting playlist scan
    2009-09-22 12:17:41 (20df3cfe): Scanned 974 songs (was 974) in 94 seconds
    2009-09-22 12:27:43 (20df3cfe): Rescanning database
    2009-09-22 12:28:05 (20df3cfe): Query: INSERT INTO updated VALUES (215)
    2009-09-22 12:28:05 (20df3cfe): Error: unable to open database file
    2009-09-22 12:28:05: Aborting


    I am really p….ed off with this problem. Firefly is great for the 5 minutes till it crashes. I see someone else had a similar problem. Can anyone PLEASE help?


    Well for a start you need to up your debug level to say level 5 and post the output. There’s not much info to work on from what you have given us. I’m not a Windows bod so may not be in a position to offer much help but give us your log output and that will tell us a bit more.

    A stab in the dark on the running as admin-only: Like I say, I don’t do Windows but is there somewhere in your Settings/Control Panel that you can grant access rights to specific users rather than just the Admin login?


    Like andyg said, you should try raising the debuglevel. The highest is level 9, but a lot of unnecessary information will be given.
    Ofcourse, with a lower debuglevel, crucial info might be left out, so it never hurts to try debuglevel 9.

    Next to that, the error states it has trouble accessing the database.
    First of all I can tell you that as soon as Firefly hits an error, it shuts itself down.
    A common error is the database getting corrupt. Why or how? We don’t know. If we did, we would’ve fixed it.
    Another possibility is the database being locked, due to a failure at releasing the lock the last time it accessed the database.

    But these are just ideas. I suggest raising your debuglevel in order to get more information on the crash.


    OK so i must be dumber than i thought. How do i turn up the debug level? I hpe this doesnt require the on line on line administration because this has never worked for me – i click on the button and get ‘cannot display webpage’message’. IF someone can tell me how to tuirn up debug level i will post up the output.


    Yep, the easiest way is through your inaccesible web-based admin page but equally you can go into the configuration file and change the value there.

    You are looking for a file called firefly.conf and within that your settings are stored. (Sorry, not sure where Windows stores that but a search should turn it up quickly) Scroll down til you see the section on the Debug level and you’ll see the value which is probably set at 1 currently. Just change that to 5 (for a goodly amount of logfile) or 9 for the whole shabang. Save that file, quit & restart firefly and you should now see the log splurging out a ream of stuff. Post that output and we can see what’s going on.

    (Whilst you’re in the config file, I’d suggest looking at what your admin password is for accessing the web-admin. By default it should be mt-daapd but you may want to change it to something easier. When you try to log in to the webpage you shouldn’t need a username, just that password.)


    Life is never easy! I searched for file name firefly.conf and come up with nought. I found firefly programme folder loked in there and foumd a file called config. This has heaps of stuff incuding the following which looked promising

    Debug Level
    Possible values are 0 to 9, 9 being the most detailed debug level.


    BUT I am not sure how to reset the debug level. I tried to overwrite the ‘0’ with a 5 but it wont let me do that. have I got the right file? If so how do i rest the debug level.

    I am really grateful for your help- I cant seem to access any help from the folk who make Firefly so its good that theres people like you around.


    Ok, you’re in the right place.

    See this line:


    replace the default value “0” with “9” and save. You should be able to do this Word pad or whatever Windows-fangled text editor is currently in use. That should bump up your log to the max. Remember to stop & restart Firefly and then take a look at the output.

    On a Mac that file is Firefly.conf so apologies for leading you up the garden path… like i say, I don’t do Windows… ‘cept at work… and it does my head in… but I digress 🙄

    I cant seem to access any help from the folk who make Firefly

    The Firefly developer (a one-man-band) is no longer actively contributing to the project but there are a number of users still active on the forum. As you may have seen, though, you have to wade through the spam to find legit posts. This will hopefully change in the not too distant with new interest from 3rd parties.


    For a fact I know that linux uses the file “mt-daapd.conf” instead of “firefly.conf” and I believe the same is for windows. (not sure)
    Also, I’m not sure changing that file’s default value will change the actual value. But at least it’s worth a try. The log states in which debuglevel it starts, so you should see soon enough whether it’s working or not.


    I edited the config file as suggested – changing the default debug level to 9. I then used my Soundbridge until it crashed – about 5 minutes. I have copied the firefly log below but I am not sure whether its more detailed than before ie whether the debug is actually turned up to 9. I hope so, cos its really p….ing me off that I cant sit witha cool beer and listen to some music without the system crashing. Soundbridge is great when it works but a pain in the rear like this. I am as ever grateful for suggestions – I am fed up with internet radio and I want to listen to some of my own music!!

    Log file: firefly.log

    2009-10-07 17:30:51 (20df3cfe): Starting with debuglevel 0
    2009-10-07 17:30:51 (20df3cfe): Starting rendezvous daemon
    2009-10-07 17:30:51 (20df3cfe): Initializing database
    2009-10-07 17:30:51 (20df3cfe): Starting web server from C:Program FilesFirefly Media Serveradmin-root on port 9999
    2009-10-07 17:30:51 (20df3cfe): Registering rendezvous names
    2009-10-07 17:30:51 (20df3cfe): Serving 978 songs. Startup complete in 0 seconds
    2009-10-07 17:30:51 (20df3cfe): Rescanning database
    2009-10-07 17:32:28 (20df3cfe): Starting playlist scan
    2009-10-07 17:32:28 (20df3cfe): Scanned 978 songs (was 978) in 97 seconds
    2009-10-07 17:42:30 (20df3cfe): Rescanning database
    2009-10-07 17:44:04 (20df3cfe): Starting playlist scan
    2009-10-07 17:44:05 (20df3cfe): Scanned 978 songs (was 978) in 95 seconds
    2009-10-07 17:54:07 (20df3cfe): Rescanning database
    2009-10-07 17:55:44 (20df3cfe): Starting playlist scan
    2009-10-07 17:55:44 (20df3cfe): Scanned 978 songs (was 978) in 97 seconds
    2009-10-07 17:57:43 (0e61a99b): Session 0: Streaming file ’01 Yellow Dog.wma’ to (offset 0)
    2009-10-07 17:58:22 (0e62c25d): Session 0: Streaming file ’02 Things Go Up.wma’ to (offset 0)
    2009-10-07 18:01:57 (0e63db1f): Session 0: Streaming file ’03 Cut My Wings.wma’ to (offset 0)
    2009-10-07 18:05:20 (0e64f3e1): Session 0: Streaming file ’04 Fallen off a Rock.wma’ to (offset 0)
    2009-10-07 18:05:46 (20df3cfe): Rescanning database
    2009-10-07 18:06:07 (20df3cfe): Query: INSERT INTO updated VALUES (963)
    2009-10-07 18:06:07 (20df3cfe): Error: unable to open database file
    2009-10-07 18:06:07: Aborting


    @dunderhead wrote:

    2009-10-07 17:30:51 (20df3cfe): Starting with debuglevel 0

    Not quite. :>
    But still, unable to open database. The database failed. Although I hate to admit it, it’s a common error.
    Somehow the database gets corrupt once in a while.

    The easiest solution if the database is indeed corrupt is to shutdown firefly, delete the database, and restart firefly, so it will recreate a new one. (Might take a while, depending on your library size)
    If this does not solve the problem, you will indeed need to try and find how to set debuglevel 9. The log states in which level it starts, as quoted above.

    Also, have you set a rescan interval? Try turning the rescanning off. I can imagine a collision when rescanning (using database) and streaming a new song (using database).

    Hope this helps.

    Edit: hehe, stupid of me. Viewing the log I can see you have indeed set a rescan interval, as it says “Scanned x songs” every once in a while. Try removing it, or setting it to 0. (Not sure which turns it off)


    thanks for persisting with this problem. I am looking for the firefly database – what is the file called? I assume it is stored with firefly prgramem files?

    re switching off automatic resca. do i do this by editing the config file? I tried this to reset the debug level (changed to 9 in the file) but looking at the log I sent you it still seems to be set at 0. If so i wonder whether resetting the rescan using the same method (editing with Notepad) will work? I have copied the section from the file fyi.

    rescan_interval” restart=”true”>
    Rescan Interval

    How often should Firefly look for new files? In seconds.


    Always Scan



    Ordered Playlists

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