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Firefly server running on NAS – not visible on my Roku

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    Hi there,
    I just finished install the Firefly server on my MSS+ NAS, carefully following the instructions from the firefly wiki… The server is up and running, however my roku doesn’t see it.
    I noticed on the control panel of the firefly server that Bonjour is stopped… but I have no idea if this is what causes the problem. And if it is, I don’t know how to make bonjour run.

    Thanks a lot.




    I am totally new at this and don’t know anything about your NAS. But my solution was lurking at this page:
    But My NAS is a NSLU2. Hopefully this page can help you with your problem. I had the very same problem.


    Thank you very much… I checked the page but the info seems to be very specific to your NAS and I can’t seem to be able to use that for my Maxtor Storage plus…
    In addition to my previous problem, I inavertenly turned off the firefly server and I can’t even go back to the configuration page… so I am completely stuck now.
    I’ll keep looking around but any help would be very much appreciated.


    On the NSLU it also says Bonjour stopped.

    Once you get Firefly started again, try using Firefly client or iTunes to see if remote clients can connect.
    It could be a problem with your router / network.

    Run a search for multicast packets / igmp for more info.


    Thanks for your post… but I am somewhat of a beginner, and I don’t think I know how to do what you just told me about. Is there any place you could link me to where it describes how to do this?

    At this site you will find a java based program. Download it, and run it.
    Once it´s running, select connect to a new library, enter the IP address of your server. It will ask to download the library. Eventually, you should get a list of music on your server. Try playing something.
    If this works, then Firefly is working and the problem is in your network (your computers firewall may cause problems here)

    Some info on IGMP / Multicast packets

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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