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    Noob here, just installed firefly/play on media smart server. I can get this working fine from remote pc’s outside of my work. Problem is when I get to work and try to access it I get to the fireplay screen and says connecting to my server but never gets connected just keeps loading, icon just keeps spinning in the corner. I found out that our corporate firewall is blocking port 9999. The problem is when I attempt to access from work it locks up my server and take down all remote access and the server requires a reboot. Anyone else hear about this type of problem with firewall blocked ports locking up the server? What are my options in getting around port 9999 being blocked at work? Thanks. I followed the steps at to get this setup. Also at work I don’t have itunes or anything other then windows media player if that makes a difference.


    I must admit this does sound familiar.
    I once tried to load fireplay on my Wii, which caused 1. the wii to hang (out of memory? nearly 20k songs) and 2. the server to crash.

    I also recall this happened before when I was fed up waiting for fireplay to reload, so I just closed the browser, which also resulted in a locked up server.

    I guess fireplay just doesnt have any “timeout” code once triggered.

    Maybe a simple solution, change the port it runs on?
    A port which is not blocked by your firewall, that is.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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