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    I’ve recently purchased a ReadyNAS+ and have transferred my iTunes music folder to the server. The issue I’m having (among many secondary to my general lack of knowledge) is with Firefly playing songs ripped in the AAC format. I’ve configured Firefly for all the extensions I can think of including .m4a, .m4p, .mp4, etc. Firefly will list all the songs but when I select an AAC encoded song I get the follwing message …

    [FireflyClientException] class – IOException while reading the audio input stream.
    at net.firefly.client.player.MediaPlayer.doPlay(
    at net.firefly.client.player.MediaPlayer.doPlay(
    at Source)

    or a message about lack of support for the file extesion. The songs will all play in iTunes via the shared server option, just not in Firefly itself. If it matters, these songs are 99.9% ripped from my CD collection as AAC files and maybe 2 or 3 CDs purchsed via iTunes. I’m sure this is a relatively easy fix, but I’ve been unable to answer my question by forum searches so I figured I’d plea for assistance.

    By the way, I’m loving the NAS+! This is my first foray into servers and, for that matter really, any type of home/office networking. Its been a little rocky, but hopefully I’ll figure it out before my children are old enough to think I’m a complete dolt.



    Firefly is a server. That’s about all it does. It can’t play music.

    There are a number of ways to play the music that Firefly is making available across the network:

      The most obvious player is iTunes.

      There’s the Java Firefly client & Fireplay. Both are add-ons.
      The java client supports a number of codec’s, AAC is not one of them.
      Fireplay is a flashplayer based that is installed on the server. It only supports MP3 and you would need to gain SSH access to root on the ReadyNAS to install it. Netgear have an add-on that will allow you to do this BUT you may be denied tech support if you stuff something up.

      Then there’s a few other music players that understand DAAP e.g. Rhythm Box.

    There is an applet, largely forgotten, it too is an add-on that is bundled with Firefly. From memory, the applet can only play MP3’s.
    It can be found at your.nas.ip.address:3689/applet.html

    The error message you have posted looks like the one i get when i try to play AAC files using the Java Firefly client so i assume you’re using that one.
    One possible solution is to have Firefly transcode AAC music as required BUT the ReadyNAS team have locked the transcoding section of Firefly so that it can only transcode flac files.
    Your only other solution is to permanently convert the AAC files into another format.

    Music purchased from iTMS will not work with non-Apple software unless it’s the DRM free variety.


    I am using the java Firefly client. I guess I assumed that was “firefly” and the NAS was the “server”. This is what happens when someone with limited computer knowledge ventures into the world outside of Dell.

    Well, I guess I’ll have to convert the AAC files. Playing music in the house via shared iTunes is fine, but I’d like to be able to access my music from work also.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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