Firefly opn a Thecus N5200Pro. How to?

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    i wood like to use an “iTunes” Server on my new Thecus N5200Pro.

    But i having problem to configure it.

    The newest Firefly module are Installed, and its runnig.

    Now the point i need Help.

    I dont now who i configure it.

    I have create an Folder names iTunes, ther are aviable in Windows Network drives. mp3 files are in there.

    I need an Noob Tutorial..

    thanks für helping




    I found this Picture in the Forum. This site is my Problem, i dont unterstand the configure.

    I dont now the “Music Folder link” …


    Sweet. πŸ™‚
    I’m most likely going get a 5200 Pro to supersede my slug.

    Can you give any performance numbers, or general recommendations?

    Ok, sorry, I just realized I wasnt exactly being helpful. 😳
    You need to setup the “Music Folder”. As the Thecus runs Linux, there is no drive letter, and the path would look something like this:

    I have just made this up, so don’t even try it πŸ˜‰
    You should be able to locate the real, absolute path of a network share via the share configuration page, I think.


    Now the iTunes server are working..

    this is a little bit complicatet.. But the firyfly plugin needs another folder rights on the

    i must install 2 modules to configure it.

    1. an user module: SYSUSER
    2. an SSH module: SSHD

    with an SSH client iam login and configure the rights to -R 775

    then can firefly found the mp3 files… bevor there are an error massage.

    Noe, i must learn to user iTunes with an server. In the moment teher are onlx an lit of my music. Now Coverflow or ipod sync futures..




    Thats a limitation in iTunes.
    Coverflow or iPod sync doesn’t work when using remote servers.

    To get it to work you have to mount the share with the music on a PC or mac directly.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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