Firefly on NSLU2 not seen by devices

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    My NLSU2 is unslung to disk 1 & has the nightly build of mt-daapd installed. I can login to the mt-daapd web interface with no problems and the application seems to be running OK on my slug. The only problem is that my Pinnacle Soundbridge and Internet Radio devices cannot see the uPNP server. Both of these devices can see WMP11 running as a media server and the Internet Radio can see the slug as a computer on the network but not as a Firefly uPNP server. My router is a D-link DIR-615. Where have I gone wrong?



    First of all, firefly does not support uPnP.
    It uses the RSP and DAAP protocol.
    As Pinnacle is not licensed to use DAAP, the soundbridge only supports RSP.
    But as protocols are implemented, you won’t notice the difference.

    Firefly broadcasts itself over the network. When using a wireless router, multicast/unicast must be enabled for this to work. Check for that option on your router first.

    Also, the router model sounds familiar. Do a search on it on the forum, it might give some handy results.


    Thanks for your reply. I already searched on my router but didn’t find anything specific to it. It already has multicast enabled, can’t see anything for unicast listed.


    Look for IGMP Snooping switch somewhere. On my router Dlink G624T it was on the QoS page.
    This router and others with similar problems (eg DIR 655) has definitely come up on other threads, try Roku forum

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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