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firefly not scanning my music

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    Hi all

    Firefly installed on Ubuntu. I’ve got access to web admin page, but I’m unable to scan any track from my folder. Log shows this message:

    2010-02-19 11:25:28 (b77156d0): Starting mp3 scan
    2010-02-19 11:25:28 (b77156d0): opendir: Permission denied
    2010-02-19 11:25:28 (b77156d0): Starting playlist scan
    2010-02-19 11:25:28 (b77156d0): Updating playlists
    2010-02-19 11:25:29 (b77156d0): Error scanning MP3 files: No such file or directory
    2010-02-19 11:25:29 (b77156d0): Scanned 0 songs in 1 seconds

    I’m a linux newbie, any can give me a hand?



    The second line practially says it all. The directory you put the music in has no permissions for mt-daapd to read. Not readable = nothing found.



    FYI, firefly is often run as user ‘nobody’, so make sure anyone has read access.



    I know, but I’m linux newbie and don’t know how to solve this issue.



    At a command line enter:
    chmod 777 /path/to/your/music/folder.

    Replace /path/to/… with the correct path.




    for a permissions tutorial have a look at this thread

    It related to my setting up firefly on a slug but the principles will be the same for you Ubuntu distribution.

    HTH, andy

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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