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Firefly crashes when playing FLAC but not MP3 files

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    I have a Soundbridge M1001 up and running on Windows Media Player Rlease 10 (WMP10) with my MP3 collection on my main home computer.
    I’m iusing Firefly and it works perfectly.
    I have a whole load of FLAC files that I want to stream as well. I loaded them (and a few MP3’s) onto a 2nd PC, installed WMP11, the WMP Tag Support Plugin which supports FLAC, Bonjour and Firefly. I’m running Windows XP SP2 on both PC’s, and I used a different Firefly server name for the 2nd PC. The FLAC files initially had no tagging on them (just song name), but I was able to play them on my M1001 as is, so I knew that everything was set up correctly. Firefly started just fine, it scanned my files and found them all.
    I then downloaded MP3tag and went through all of the FLAC (and MP3) files on the 2nd PC and gave artist, album, etc. information. When I open up WMP11, I see all of the files by artist and album.
    Here’s the problem….now that they FLAC files are tagged, when I play them on the M1001, it starts to buffer the track, and then fails. Back on the PC, Firefly has stopped running. I restart Firefly, and when I go back to the M1001, I can play the MP3 files just fine. So somewhere along the line the FLAC tagging is causing Firefly to quit. I looked for error logs, etc., but I can’t find anything. Anybody run into this?

    Here’s the software versions:
    Firefly Service 1.0 svn-1359
    FireflyShell 1.0 svn-1359
    RSP Output Plugin 1.0 svn-1359
    FFMPEG Transcoder Plugin 1.0 svn-1359
    WMA Transcoder Plugin 1.0 svn-1359
    Win32 Event Plugin 1.0 svn-1359
    Windows Media Player 11.0.5721.5230
    Sound bridge v3.0.44



    Firefly Crashes with FLAC playback too here too.

    No new releases… ahh I think Firefly is dead 🙁



    @ iamthewalrus

    first up I’d suggest moving up to svn 1586 and see how you fare. 1359 is way old, 1586 is pretty much as stable as it currently gets.

    if you’re still choking on FLAC files, bump up the log to level 9 and see what output you get.

    @ viniciusferrao

    yeah, no release for some time but there has been continued development, just nothing released unless you want to build it yourself.



    Thanks for the reply. I installed svn 1586, renamed the database, set debugging to level 9 and it still chokes on FLAC files. The error log has no tag errors, so I guess I’ll re-add one album at a time and slowly add tagging until I find the field that kills it.



    If Firefly is scanning the FLAC files OK but then crashes when you try to play them then it’s probably wavstreamer choking on the album art.
    This is only a problem if album art is embedded within the music file



    Hey…thanks again for your help! I did embed album art using the MP3tag program. I took one album, removed the art from all of the songs. It still failed to play, but this time it did not crash the Firefly server. I’m still working on it.



    The FLAC site on sourceforge has a link to this
    It’s the audio tester that you want. See if it gives any clue to what’s wrong.
    As always, take the results with a grain of salt



    Thanks stretch…I ran the audiotester tool on the one folder, and 2 songs failed (it said they were truncated). They play fine in WMP11. They are also the 12th & 30th songs in the folder, so when I tried playing the folder of songs on my Soundbridge, it was choking on track 1 (which tested fine).



    I basically started all over and put minimal tagging on the tracks. Song name, album & artist. So far, 3 albums have worked fine, and I’m slowly continuing with the rest. Thanks for all of your help!

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