Firefly connection dropped after idle time

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    I have been using SoundBridge since the first M500 (i still do). Now I’ve got three SB installed both wired and wireless around the house.
    However I have always had a small (but still annoying) problem with lost connections to Firefly media server after some idle time. Typically the connection to media server is lost after about 15 minutes of idle time.
    Idle: means no music playback, or any UI navigation in either ON or STAND-BY mode.

    By restarting the SB I always see my music server again and can reconnect.
    I have browsed the forums but haven’t found any solution to this problem yet. During music playback the connection is very seldom lost.

    Some suggestions I have found on the forums are
    * No multicast support in the router
    * Dynamic IP problem

    In my understanding this problem is not related to this. I have setup dhcpd for static IP allocation mapped to MAC address for each SB. Multicast should work as music server is found on restart.

    I believe that the socket to music library is lost for some reason (this can happen for different reasons I suppose). Is SO_KEEPALIVE option used? When SB is started from STAND-BY mode the server is not reconnected in the case socket is closed. I really dont understand what happens after restart from standby.

    My setup:
    * Static IP for server and SB using dhcpd with MAC identification
    * Wired connection (same behavior for wireless connections)
    * Firefly running on OpenBSD 4.5
    * SB 3.0.52 (but I have used all versions from the beginning with the same behaviour)
    * I use a Linksys (WRT54GC) WLAN/wired switch (but I have tried several other with the same behaviour)

    Any explantion on how the SB works in situation or how I can debug/fix this problem is very welcome.

    Thanks for an otherwise GREAT products both Firefly and Roku SB !



    This is a related post (I just found) where firewalling of multicast messages are the problem …
    I dont believe that this is the case but I will check once more …


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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