Firefly can’t see the iTunes files

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    I’m new to ubuntu and firely so be gentle 😉

    I’ve got to the point where I’ve installed Firefly on my Ubuntu server, and so that it shows up in iTunes under the “shared” media. However, nothing is showing up under that tab. I’ve tried running a normal scan and a full scan from the server status page, and have made sure that it is pointing to my music folder, both through the web interface and manually in the .conf file. I can navigate manually in itunes to the files, so I think the path is correct. Any ideas?


    Check file permissions
    Music files need to be readable by everybody for Firefly to use them.


    As you mentioned you’re still new to linux, I might give you a few hints where to look to do that.
    These should help you find out how to set permissions:

    man chmod
    man chown

    To check permissions, use this:

    ls -l

    Also, to find out if something went wrong, check the logfile:

    cat /var/log/mt-daapd.log

    And if the logfile doesnt give you a clue, try looking for ‘debuglevel’ in the config file.
    It can be raised up to level 9 to display more detailed info.

    Happy hunting. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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