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Firefly cannot start :cry:

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    I have made a new Windows XP installation and then installed Firefly. At first it looks verry nice, all options works fine, I can use it by iTunes for Mac in my LAN. I’am happy.

    The big disappointment was coming past the first restart of my server. The Firefly logo was red coloured. I open Firefly from taskbar and klick “start server”. Nothing. Then the message: “Failed to start Firefly Media Server”.
    Reset the computer, try again, same result.

    Then I install Firefly again. At first it works. Past restart it works not. “Failed …” what a f*u*c*k*!

    This are messages from my logfile:

    2008-07-31 21:28:20 (eb418476): Starting playlist scan
    2008-07-31 21:28:37 (eb418476): Scanned 24101 songs (was 24101) in 278 seconds
    2008-07-31 21:30:46 (eb418476): Stopping gracefully
    2008-07-31 21:30:46 (eb418476): Stopping rendezvous daemon
    2008-07-31 21:30:46 (eb418476): Closing database
    2008-07-31 21:30:46 (eb418476): Done!

    Why is stopping the rendevouz daemon? I have not done this.
    Why its not possible to use simple old fashion tcp/udp?

    I’am worry, please help me out. thanks.



    The current debuglevel gives no clues to what could be causing the ‘crash’.
    Whenever something goes wrong in firefly, it usually runs the shutdown script.
    I don’t know much about firefly on windows, but there should be an option named debuglevel, put it up to level 5 or 9, and have another look in the logfile. Maybe then you can find what’s causing firefly to die.


    It seems I am dealing with the same issue, but I am able to run Firefly in Debug Mode with a DOS-Box open. The windows service instead isn’t working.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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