Firefly and Vista issues

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    Hi, I have a similar issue as some other members at the forum. Having moved from an XP-machine as a music server – Firefly Media Server – streaming to 3 SBs, I have moved to another computer running Vista, this has caused tje following unresolved problems:
    1) Installing FMS is straightforward, it starts up, scans the library and is then ready for use. After 15 minutes, it dies, but can be started up manually again though.
    2) If I reboot the machine, FMS don’t start, and cannot be started manually – the startup section is “grayed out” and says “you must be logged on as admin to….”. Then I need to uninstall FMS and then install it again.
    3) If I tell FMS to not start automatically when Windows starts, I cannot save that seeting, saying “Startup of FMS failed”.

    So right now I can only run it for a limited time, then uninstall it, turn off the machine and then reinstall it next time I boot.

    Definitely feels like a Vista issue.

    Anyone has any thoughts?


    Hi, sorry to bother….I found the latest nightly release (…svn-1586…), installed it and it solved all my issues I mentioned in my previous post some days ago. Case closed….

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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