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Firefly and Airport Express

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    Hello and thank you in advance for any answers/ideas.

    I have a current settup of a small business server 2003 on which I installed itunes. then we have 4 airport express units attached to several hifi units or loudspeakers. All works great and can easily be controlled via the ipod touches. So which music is being played, what volume etc.
    We dan even control wich of the airport express is actually playing (streaming) the music.
    Now we consider moving the itunes from the server to a seperate server, and we are thinking of a Windows Home Server (the Acer H340). I know now that i can also install the firefly service, but can i still use the airport express and the ipod touch to stream and control the music?

    any thought is welcome.

    Ron (from the Netherlands).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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