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Empty itunes playlists

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    Sorry if this has been answered elsewhere, but I didn’t find my situation mentioned before.

    First, a description of my setup. I keep a low bitrate copy of my music on my WindowsXP machine where iTunes is installed. All I do with it there is sync my iPod. I also have an always-on Ubuntu machine. On it, I have Firefly running, duplicates of the low bitrate music files, and a separate set of high bitrate lossless versions for streaming to my Roku Soundbridge players.

    On the Windows machine, my music is stored as “D:/my music/artistname/albumname/song.mp3”. The iTunes Library.xml file is in “D:/my music/itunes”. On the Ubuntu machine the structure is “/mnt/drive1/music/lowbit/artistname/albumname/song.mp3”. I’ve copied the iTunes Library.xml to “/mnt/drive1/music/lowbit/itunes”. Firefly plays all the music just fine and displays all the iTunes playlists, but they’re all empty. Does the folder structure have to be an exact duplicate for this to work?




    The playlist files need to be in the path to the music files, not in a separate branch that goes nowhere.
    Ideally they should be in the directory above where the paths are common between the PC & server.
    The paths on your PC & server are common below the “my music” & “lowbit”, so Firefly should resolve the paths if you place the playlists in the “lowbit” folder on the server

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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