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Display of album art in song folder?

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    I found the below optional support in one of the mt-daapd.conf, may I ask which version of mt-daapd support it because I tried on Firefly snv-1696 but folder.jpg doesn’t show up when playing the songs…

    # art_filename (optional)
    # There is experimental support thanks to Hiren Joshi
    # (hirenj[at] for dynamically adding art to the id3v2
    # header as it is streamed (!!). If you were using a music system
    # like zina or andromeda, for example, with cover art called
    # “_folderOpenImage.jpg”, you could use the parameter
    # art_file _folderOpenImage.jpg and if the file _folderOpenImage.jpg
    # was located in the same folder as the .mp3 file, it would appear
    # in iTunes. Cool, eh?
    art_filename = folder.jpg

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