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    @halbschatten wrote:

    I really would like to get my music library from my buffalo linkstation live steamed onto my ipod touch.
    My linkstation has an open stock firmware. Is it possible to get crossfire run on it?
    As far I can see I need an PHP server in the linkstation but hav’nt PHP on it yet.


    If you can get into it, you most likely can.

    I did get my Firefly working but Crossfire is not able to play any songs off of it. The library I can view, but when playing, it loads Quick Time and that’s it. The Firefly log does not indicate that it received any request to stream any media.


    Now I have spend a lot of time installing lighttpd and PHP on my Linkstation live.
    I have tryed crossfire 0.5.0 and 0.5.1
    The 0.5.1 often has the jpint cache error. I need to select “load index.html again” on the ipod several times until it works. 0.5.0 seems to work better.
    The ipod now is able to play files from my linkstation using crossfire.
    Unfortunatly sometimes (more often) play stops or loops. I have no idea why this happens.
    Furthermore i’m not happy with the sorting of the albums, artists or songs. And I’m missing the song infos while playing.




    I have got a Buffalo Linkstation Pro (LS-GL, Arm9) with Firefly svn-1586 happily running on it, serving MP3s to my Roku M1000 via WiFi.

    I’ve recently got an iPhone 3G, and have come across Crossfire. Is there an idiot’s guide (for, not by!) available, to explain what’s needed to get the Linkstation to stream MP3s to the iPhone (by WiFi or 3G)?

    My Linkstation runs stock firmware – do I need to replace this (e.g., with OpenLink or FreeLink)? what else is needed?

    Any help gratefully received!



    Not really 🙁

    Crossfire requires to be run on an webserver with PHP, so you at least must have some knowledge about how to install/configure that on your system. If that is installed, installing is as easy as copying some files.



    Hi guys,

    I have tried to install crossfire 0.5.1, however, I get only a blank page with firefox 3.0.1 and IE6.0. I have copied all to the folder “/opt/share/mt-daapd/admin-root/crossfire/”. The config.xml is adjusted to my host and port xxxx. IE says, there is a mistake in line 618 of the index.html site. I have also added my username and password to the config.xml file, but without success.
    Any ideas what happened?



    There was a problem with setting the password on the last release.
    I am still working on a next release, but until then you can copy the fixed file into the directory.
    You can download the patched file from:

Viewing 6 posts - 46 through 51 (of 51 total)
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