Crossfire 0.6.0 *preview*

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    After many months of hard work, things are rapidly shaping up for the next release of Crossfire.
    This release will pretty much finalize the engine itself, and implements tons and tons of cewl new features.

    [*] A brand new FireFox/Safari/Chrome theme called: Crossfire MediaPlayer.
    [*] Last.FM integration: Spot similar bands, and other album of currently playing songs.
    [*] Export playlists directly to XSPF or ASX (so now you can fire-up your favorite player and stream from your playlists).
    [*] iTunes like search function (one textbox to rule them all!!)
    [*] Nice audio-visuals (thanks to the great JWPlayer!)
    [*] crossfire templates can now hold and read global variables, that may be used for passing variables between pages.
    [*] improved playlist generator, which will generate the playlist server-side, and has plenty of cewl options (including XSPF, ASX, QTL) support.
    [*] iPhone now plays the song directly instead of showing the silly ‘Headphones’ QuickTime element!!
    [*] AJAX cache; This will make you load an page only once per session.
    [*] Server-Side caching (decreasing load times even more!!)
    [*] FireFox/IE AJAX loading screen between requests.

    Bugs fixed:
    [*] Crossfire is unable to work with DAAP Authentication (resolved)
    [*] iPhone ‘blank_page’ issue (fixed!!).


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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