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Creating a static playlist with playlist.html

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    I started testing vn-1586 on a NSLU2 running SlugOS/BE.
    My reason for testing this version is the option, to work with playlists and the web based client FirePlay.

    So I opened


    in order to create a playlist.

    With “add static playlist” I can create a playlist, that is shown in the player “FirePlay”, but I have no idea on how to get any song in this playlist.

    What did I miss?



    I’m not sure wether those features ever worked. But iirc, they didn’t.

    You’ll have to create static playlists with the software of your choice.



    I never ever created a static playlist … so I do not have a favourite Software for that ….

    Any ideas? The playlist will be created under Windows XP and then moved to the slug (all our mp3 files are replicated from xp to the slug.)

    I use iTunes on the XP machine. Can I use iTunes for making playlists, that do work on the slug?



    Yes, you can.
    All you need to do is copy the iTunes.xml to the slug, and set some options in firefly.

    There are countless topics with exact instructions, so I suggest you try out the search function 😉


    Hi Fizze,

    thanks for your help.
    I managed to use the iTunes playlists by importing the file “iTunes Music Library.xml” on my slug.

    I had to change the pathes within the xml file, but with using sed this was easy.

    Then the playlists could be used in FirePlay.

    In the meantime I stopped again using the new version of firefly because of stability issues. My old 0.2.3 proved just to be much more stable than the newer ones.

    So back to the good old GIT client … and no more playlists at the moment.

    If I have time in a few month I will try out the newer version again.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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