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Creating a smart playlist externally

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    I have a script which I’ve put together to give me a list of all recent tracks I’ve added to my server which I haven’t listened to, in album order, grouped by album and it outputs this all as an m3u playlist.

    I can request this playlist directly and it’ll run in Amarok and I have it set up as a preset on my Soundbridge but it doesn’t seem to take.

    The playlist content basically boils down to daap:// urls, e.g.

    #EXTINF:253066,Tracy Chapman - Crossroads
    #EXTINF:262560,Tracy Chapman - Bang Bang Bang
    #EXTINF:238840,Tracy Chapman - Telling Stories

    Am I over simplifying how daap and the presets work with the Soundbridge? How can I get this to work?

    Also asked this question on the Soundbridge forums yesterday but it’s all quiet on there.



    You’re nearly there.
    Try this URL:

    (Not sure if the daap:// prefix works. I use http://)



    Hmm, didn’t seem to make much difference. I think it must be something to do with how the SB takes streams. The track URL was one I took from Amarok after enqueing the song through a DAAP session. If I queue up this playlist then it plays in Amarok OK.

    Playing it through my SB just ends up in it sitting there retrying.



    Which brand is your SB? Pinnacle or Roku?
    Pinnacle’s SB is not licensed to use DAAP, so it can’t.
    Roku’s SB does support DAAP.

    Not that the SB needs to process any DAAP as you’re feeding it complete URL’s…

    Not sure what could be causing the trouble.



    It’s a Roku M1001. DAAP works fine – I can browse my library no worries.

    Checking with /databases/1/items in there the URLs don’t work in Amarok whereas they do with the other URLs I had, so I’m sure that part is right.

    There isn’t some kind of authentication that has to be done before you can go in and request a URL is there?

    I guess I’ll try and do a packet trace to see if I can make out what the SB is trying to do



    Oh yeah, airmon stopped working in Ubuntu 8.04. Gah!



    I think it’s the playlist format. Trying a known, unambiguous URL ( in there as well fails too. It just keeps retrying the “station” URL.

    How am I supposed to format it? Or maybe I need to put new info in the preset setting.

    I’m sure the SB forums would know all this if only someone would reply to my thread 🙁



    Turns out the MP3 URLs were wrong. I can queue a single file off DAAP by using the URL pattern in radio mode.

    I just need to be able to get the URLs into a playlist if possible.



    Heh. That is not DAAP, that’s RSP.
    But in the end it doesn’t matter whether you use DAAP or RSP URL’s. 🙂



    Well, whatever works 😛

    Is that URL still going to update my play_count column in the database?



    If it normally does, it does now too.
    You’re simply streaming.
    By that URL, you request a song, just like any other client.
    So firefly-wise, there is no difference.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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