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    running Firefly Media Server coming with a recently bought ACER Aspire WHS, I tried to connec my WM 6.1 Mobile Phone via WiFiTunes client to Firefly. The library name is shown in WiFiTunes on the device. After clicking on it I receive the following Error message: Connecting Error “ITunes is not accepting any more connections. You could try by looking in ITunes in Edit ->Preferences->Sharing and see how many users are connected. If its more than 5 then you will need to close and reopen Itunes.”
    However I do not run itunes on the WHS and all other PC are shut down.
    Is this an issue of Firefly or WiFiTunes? in the preferences settings of WHS i cannot find ->Preferences->Sharing. Since tere is neither itunes nor more than one connected device I have no idea where the problem origins.
    Thank You


    Devices that can connect to Firefly think they’re connecting to iTunes.
    Firefly has no connection limit, unlike iTunes which allows a maximum of 5 clients


    Thank You Stretch for your prompt answer! But this is exactly my problem. As I understood the functionality of firefly there should be no limit. Nevertheless WiFiTunes shows the described error message. Do You think it comes from WiFiTunes`s side?


    Hello friends

    Connection to WiFiTunes this project started primarily as a proof of concept and is still very much still work in progress so please email feedback if you would like a feature added. This application will discover via Bonjour any iTunes running on Macs or PCs on your local network and allow you to browse the library or playlist and then stream MP3s directly to your PDA. Example uses include connecting your PDA headphone jack into a stereo in another room in your house (I have mine streaming music to the bathroom).


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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