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    Anyone able to get the 1586 nightly to compile on the Mac?

    I followed the instructions on the wiki :

    but configure refuses to find the id3tag .h file, even using –with-id3tag

    As a side note, I suspect the change I want to make would be purely in the binary, but where it the Pref Panel source/project?

    (yes, my Mac compile skills are super-rusty, but it should be worth it)


    It took a while for the message to get approved 🙂

    In the meantime I was able to get a compile thru, using the hints in:


    I renamed it and copied into the Pref Panel. The log messages indicate all is good (read the iTunes lib), but I have no Bonjour…

    I’ve tried connecting blindly, and iTunes asks for login information when I access


    The log shows a 401: unauthorized and 302: Moved error.

    I have not added a password… and I am 99% sure I’m looking at the right conf file b/c I have to toggle btw sqlite and sqlite3 depending if I use the original 1596 version or the one I just compiled (with no code changes.. yet… have to get to work as a baseline first).

    I am compiling under 10.6.2 in case that makes a difference.

    thanks for any suggestions!

    My goal here is to add a call to UpdateSystemActivity so that the FF server will not sleep when it is actively serving up songs… (once I get the basic compile working)


    I figured it out, I think. I forgot to copy the plugins. So now my steps are

    mkdir firefly
    cd firefly
    tar -xvzf mt-daapd-svn-1586.tar.gz
    cd mt-daapd-svn-1586
    ./configure --enable-flac --enable-sqlite3 --with-id3tag=/opt/local

    cp src/mt-daapd /Library/PreferencePanes/Firefly.prefPane/Contents/Resources/Firefly
    cp src/plugins/.libs/*.so /Library/PreferencePanes/Firefly.prefPane/Contents/Resources/Firefly

    Rendezvous discovery is working.

    Also I think my patch (the whole reason I’m doing this) is working, but will test further and then post details.


    The easiest way, IMHO, is to install MacPorts and then install it that way:

    sudo install ports mt-daapd

    For the configuration the Wiki documents the rest.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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